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hey guys, this isn't really a strategy or tip but a reminder. make sure you have a squeegie with u at all times on the field. as stupid as this might sound in both aspects as this is a duh! or wutever. alot of times i play i see someone chop a ball and there like ()*#)$ (not a specific word, lol) i don't ahve a squeegie. remember to get one, a friend of mine was in a tourny this past weekkend and it was one on one and he chopped a ball right as he was running for the flag and had a clear shot at the other guy moving. needless to say he forgot his and never could get a straight shot off the rest of the game. i mainly skimmed over the second page but i play left tape. is thier anyone out thier who plays left tape or tape in general that can give me some advice of wut to do or wutever in tournaments. i am kinda new to the tourny scene. thnx alot.
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