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Post Ultimate Sticky...Read, or I start killing kittens!

This is mainly directed towards you new people to this forum.
A few simple guidelines to follow to say on our goodsides.
  • First and formost, if you have a question about upgrades. Look at the Official Upgrades Thread, if that doesn't answer your question look through the Upgrades Q&A Thread. Post any question you have about upgrades there..
  • The only exception to the above is barrel questions. This is not the place to ask. If you have questions on barrels, look in the Barrels and Paint forum. The flatline is the exception to this, do a search and read. There is more than enough info already in here to warrant your actually doing the search and reading the material. Don't expect us to spoon feed you info.
  • Don't bring up the topic of snipers. That is a highly volitial area of paintball. If you would like info on the subject, just use the search feature both here and in General Paintball Talk. You should find more than enough reading material to satisfy yourself.
  • Don't be a cocky arogant immature punk. You are not better than anyone else on here. And your gun is no better than anyone else's. If you feel the need to brag to make yourself feel special, just leave.
  • Don't think your gun is special enough to get its own picture thread. Because it's not, we have the picture thread for a reason. For pictures of tippmanns, not for chit-chat. If you have a question about someone's setup, PM them.
  • Most of all, follow the rules and have fun.

And here is a handy dandy list of useful linksAlso, use the search feature Andrew was kind enough to provide for you. It will save you from us, and save us the headache

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