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Finally, some pics. Sorry for the terrible quality, if I can get ahold of my bro's digicam tonight I will take better pics.

A pic with the stock barrel. The upgrades I have done are the 2K3 Gladiator, Nickel CP Flame Drop, Basic Dye Stickies, Vapor II Bolt, shaved down LPR to accomodate Glad, and a white LED that is off right now. (Also notice the straight fitting and clear macro hose on the Glad... Straight fittings are great on stubby regs, and the clear macro looks good with the silver).

A different angle.

Now, about the LED. It is so bright, it ruined some photos because it was like taking a picture of a lightbulb. Its so cool. It is the mod I recommend installing most. Here is the pic anyway of the marker with it on, the quality is not good. Again, if I can get the digicam later, I will take some good pics.
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