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Originally posted by jdw_56
shizzle my nizzle, drills people drills!

basically you all know what snap shooting is so i aint gonna go into that.

heres a drill:
get yourself situated behind a bunker.
across the field, or wherever you expect an opponent will be, place a 2liter bottle on the edge of the prop. this will simulate pretty much the size of the target you will be shooting at.
tuck in, pop out and put a few on the bottle, then get back in.

great drill to buck up them skeelz yo.
thats what i do, but to add, i ussually have a 20oz. (did use a 2liter, but i got good, now i use the 20oz. harder, but improves, over time) but have like 4 on a bunker, one on the left side bottom, right side bottom, in the middle, left side top... you get the point, but i just pop out and try to hit a different one everytime..... i do it at either around 70ft. or at 35 or so..... works great....
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