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I remember my first tournament... It was a "Young guns" 16 and under tourney.. well let you know.. two of the normal refs that work there decided.. Hey I'm not 17 yet so were gonna play! They were really good compared to most of us and like many of the strategy's say: Sweetspot off the break (duh).. and run real fast off the break.. you might not get hit.. chances are you wont. They were at a much higher skill level than most pf us .. having more exposure to the speedball course (reffing it helped alot im sure) but overall, my teammate bunkered one of them.. we were the only team to get one of thier players out!
(it was a 2 man sooo... yeah)

Thats more of a story but it kinda has a point.. if you don't like this.. will a mod delete it please?

its a pic of my mini just before i painted it.. i cant get a good shot of the green to blue on the paint cause of the camera
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