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Originally posted by BourneKiller

yeah, same here. Xavier, if you could perhaps spell that out some more for us. haha
i cant tell if you are being sarcastic or whatever because i cant tell your tone but i have nothing better to do now.

basic chem gas laws, Bohr's law or Graham's or ***-Lussak or someone, it doesnt really matter
P1 x V1 = P2 x V2.

we have to assume a volume for the tank being filled so i go ahead and say 4cu ft.

known equations:
P1 = 3000psi - SCUBA tank pressure
V1 = 80 cu ft - SCUBA tank volume
P2 = Unknown variable
V2 = 84 cu ft - SCUBA tank volume + HPA tank volume.

put that in the initial equation:
(3000psi) (80 cu ft) = (x psi) (84 cu ft)

which, using algebra:

(240000 psi cu ft)/(84 cu ft) = x psi

cubic feet cancel with cubic feet

240000psi/84 = xpsi

= 2857.14... psi in the HPA tank as well as the SCUBA. everytime thats what is happening.

the second fill (from a completely empty tank):

(2857.14 x 80) / (84)
= 2721.09


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