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Re: Story

Originally posted by BassPlayerImpy
Ok, heres my story.

We were about to start a game so my friend was chronoing. He was shooting hot (around 315 i think) so he was going to leave the netting and get his allen wrench. Well i was standing right by the exit, and he leaned his gun to put on his barrel plug. Unfortunatly his barrel tip was right against my leg and he still had one ball in his gun. So of course he tapped the trigger and shot me POINT BLANK right on the theigh. I mean HIS BARREL WAS TOUCHING MY LEG. well i forgave him, but it left a nasty welt that was bleeding and left a nice letter crater. Yea that hurt a lot
Don't feel bad... I was at an indoor feild just north of Nashville and the ref there was tinkering with his gun and he shot himself in the hand pointblank. He was holding the gun by the front of the barrel or something and POP!! Not only that, his g/f was there so he was trying to be tough about it in front of her... One of the funniest hits I've seen!
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