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Cool The Armson Pump: Initial observations and first impressions

I got my Armson pump on Tuesday, and I've been meaning to post something like this for a few days, I just haven't been so motivated lately.... so, here goes.

It's a nice gun, your standard issue Nelson based pump, but with some cool additional features.

First off, the ball detent. It's the same one that somes with Micromags and Sleeper Autocockers, and it's a neat little gadget. It's something not seen too often on pumps, so it's a great addition.

Next, the high site rail and offset back-bottle adapter. Wow, a gun where you can actually use back bottle and still see the site rail. It's pretty cool, and it allows for a pretty comfortable hold on the gun.

Next up, the internals. They are your standard Nelson internals, but they are a little different. The bolt is velocity adjustable just like the phantom, down the barrel. But, it takes a square head, and doesn't require the use of a nylon set screw. Also, the edge of the bolt facing the feed port is beveled, presumably to reduce pinched balls. There is an anti-kink tube in between the bolt and hammer. The power tube is also a little different, because intead of just having an open hole at the end like most guns, it has two triangular peices sticking out a bit, and then meeting at their tips a short distance over the hole. It's hard to explain without a picture, and I don't know what purpose this serves, but it looks cool, so I mentioned it. I havent dug into the valve yet, but I don't expect any surprises.

Next, the barrel. It's Armson's Stealth version, in 16" length, with some attractive milling and some porting near the end. The bore of the barrel is shiny and appears well honed, and has the characteristic "rifled" swirls down the barrel. It's reasonable quiet, and shoots well to boot.

Lastly, the overall impression of the gun. All the peices fit together very well, with very little slack and almost no movement. The marker points well, and the oversized pump handle is surprisingly comfortable. It does not come with a .45 grip, which annoyed me at first, but the stock grip is fine. Unfortunately, a standard .45 grip fame can't be mounted without modification. Other than that, the whole gun is great. It shoots very well; I was very impressed how well it shot even on a low CO2 tank.

I haven't played with it yet, but as soon as I do (Monday!), I'll have more information.

P.S.... I'll be getting pictures soon, and I'll post them along with this ASAP.

Congratulations, you all now know more about the Armson Pump... I'll shut up now....
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