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Mostly everything here ive read would work.. But the main thing about woodsball if your really into hidin and waiting is to camo your mask.. Because if your wearing the right type of camo clothes then your body will not be seen very easily. But your mask will always stick out like a sore thumb if its still black. I found that painting your mask with camo colors helps a lot but not really enough. So when I go out ill grab a few leaves and some vines and lace them through the holes. Everyone makes fun of me but hey. I dont get shot half as much as those chumps do.
Also one little tactic that will earn you a couple seconds. When you are pinned down behind a tree and someone is firing mass amounts of balls at you do this. If your too scared to look and see where your opponent is then you really dont want to stick your head out there and get blasted. Soo.. stick the barrel of your gun out on the left side of the tree. or your hand or whatever you got handy. This will distract your opponent for a second or two while he fires about ten rounds into the area where your barrel was.. While he is firing those rounds onto the left side of the tree use these seconds to peek around the right side of the tree. If luck is with you then the shooter wont be able to adjust his fire quick enough to move his aim over to the right side of the tree.
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