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Exclamation Camo choice.

I was getting caught up on the forums because I've not been on in a while and I noticed someone said black can be an acceptable camo choice if you know how to move. Black is the worst color you could possibly pick for camo realistically because you would be very easy to pick out because black causes a silhouette. The only time black would be good would be for a night game when it's already dark. For camo try to avoid the Realtrees and Mossy Oaks if you can because they are designed to look pretty to the human eye and actually don't blend in very well at all- the blur effect. The new digital U.S.M.C. camos are nice and so aresome of the products produced by a company called Natural Gear which are cheap and can often be found at Walmarts. Sorry for the long post just stating my opinion.
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