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I saw a thread that said the barrel doesn't matter, its paint to barrel match. Does this mean I should keep my stock barrel?

No. Unless you try a friends barrel and see an improvement, its not really worth it. But 99.9% of the time it is. Some guns do come with excellent stock barrels i.e. orracle. You will almost always see a large improvement with any barrel upgrade. A barrel system is the way to go. Some top systems are:

Freak System
Scepter System
Evil Pipe Bomb
CP Kit

If you cant afford one, save up. But if your REALLY cheap and can only afford about $50, some good $50 barrels are

CP 1 piece
Lapco Bigshot
J&J Ceramic

Some more expesive nonsystems are
Dye Boomstick
Dye Ultralite
Dye SS
SP All American

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