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Wow! It's about time one of these are made. Go figure though, once I get rid of my cocker this thread shows up.

Anyways, here's my input.

What barrel is best for the Autococker?

There isn't any barrel that is best for the Autococker over any other paintball marker. The best barrel for any gun (including the Autococker) is the barrel that fits your paintball the best. To determine what barrel best fits your paint then follow these steps:

1) Put the paintball in the back of the barrel.
2) Blow on the back of the barrel.
3) If the paintball rolls out then you need a smaller barrel bore size.
4) If you cannot blow the paintball out you need to get a bigger bore barrel.
5) If it blows out you want to hear a slight poof, the paintball needs to have some resistance when blowing it out of the barrel but not so much to where you lose effeciency.

A barrel kit like mentioned above are best for this.

You don't need to worry about one barrel being better on the Autococker than any other paintball marker because they do the same job reguardless of what paintball marker the barrel is on.
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