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That hs got to be one of the funniest stories I've heard

My cop story

Aight, we were at my friends house setting up to play paintball. He has a good 15 acres and we get some nice woodsball games going there.

Well my friend's parents had to go pick something up at the store and said that they would be back in about 20 minutes. His parents are paranoid so they wanted us to wait until they came back to play. We were cool with that because we still had some stuff to get ready.

So, we got all setup and it had been about 45 minutes since they had left. We were sick of waiting so my friends lil brother and I went upstairs to call them. His little brother is eight years old and insisted that he would call, so I let him. So he dials the phone number and waits. He's just listening for like 45 seconds and I'm like, "Well did they answer?" He goes, "Oh.... Nobody answered." So I told him we would wait a few minutes and try again. So we sit there for about 3 minutes and the phone rings. He answers it, says hello, than hangs up. He told me someone had gotten the wrong number. This happend 3 times in 10 minutes. After awhile I tried calling them up. They answered and said they had decided to go somewhere else and that it was fine if we played.

We go downstairs and start playing. About 45 minutes later we are in this real heated game and suddenly two cop cars pull up. They pop out of there cars, with there guns and yell, "DROP YOUR WEAPONS." Luckily most of us heard them and stopped, the others were told.

So I walk up to the police car and I'm like, "Is there a problem officer?" He tells me that they got a call from the house, but it was disconnected. They had tried calling back three times and someone answered, but hung up right away. They have to come out just to make sure everything is ok.

Well, than I put it all together. My friend's parents cell phone number starts with 918. The little guy had accidentaly hit the 1 twice, which automatically sends you to 911. The kid had listened to the whole thing and just hung up on them. And they had called back 3 times and he hing up on them as well! I couldn't believe he did it.

I explained what happpend to the two officers and told them that I was very sorry for the inconvience. Like Jaster, I let them shoot my marker. They loved it. One of em actually lives pretty close to my friends house and he came over one weekend to play, it was great

Anyways, it was quite interesting... I had a long talk with my friends lil bro...
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