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These are some Low Pressure Info posts:

Originally posted by Stopguns195

Okay, since I have noticed a lot of LP Spyder questions going around, I thought Iíd write a FAQ for it. Here goes.

1. What is a LP Spyder and what are the benefits?

A LP Spyder is a Spyder that runs under 4-500PSI. People have been able to go down as low as 210PSI, or so theyíve claimed.

The benefits of a LP Spyder includes, but is not limited to: noise reduction, increased accuracy, less ball breakage, and if set up correctly, better gas efficiency.

2. What parts are needed to make a LP Spyder?

* Regulator - You need a good reg such as a Centerflag inline, Bob Long Torpedo, or a Mac Dev Gladiator. Any good regs will do, but some require springs to get in the 300 range. As I know of none of the regs I listed need those springs. You can get a Bob Long Torpedo or Centerflag inline at:
countypaintball and the Gladiator can be found at macdev.

* Valve - You need a good turbo valve of some sort. I have heard good things about the AKALMP Tornado, Taso turbo, and 32* Magnaport. Please note that if you have a compact style body (Compact 2000, Shutter, TL+, Flash, etc.)you can not use the Tornado; it only has a 50% chance of working and it isnít worth the $60 for those sort of odds. You can find the Taso and 32* at and you can find the Tornado at g3pb.

* High flowing bolt (Not needed, but is for best results)- An open face bolt will also lower pressure. Good bolts are ones such as the White Wolf delrin bolt or Bandit N-bolt. Or you can do the bolt mod shown in the Spyder upgrade list at the top of the page. The White Wolf can be found at White Wolf Airsmithing, and the N-bolt can be found at Swan Creek Paintball.

* Spring kit - A good spring kit will help also. I, personally, like the 32* and Maddman spring kit. In LP setups I think that the best spring combo is a light main spring and a hard valve spring. The 32* kit can be bought at PaintballGear, I think and the Maddman can be bought at CountyPaintball.

* Vertical adapter- A high flowing vertical adapter will help a bit. I, personally, like the Bob Long Vacum chamber or the AKALMP Mitey-Max. You can do the vertical adapter mod to increase air flow, so you donít need to spend money to get a new one mod but I screwed mine up, so just read the Spyder upgrade FAQ if u want to know how to do it. The Bob Long chamber can be bought at CountyPaintball and the AKALMP Mitey-Max can be found at AKALMP.

* Barrel - A low ported barrel is a real good choice for LP setups. I recommend the Lapco Big Shot or a CP pro series. Iím not positive, but I heard high porting one peice barrels are the worst to have but donít hold me to that. The Lapco can be found at CountyPaintball and the CP can be found at Custom Products.

* Polished internals - Polishing your internals will help a bit, but not a great deal. Read the Spyder upgrade FAQ on how to polish them.

* Modified valve pin- A high flowing valve pin or modified valve pin will also help. I donít know of any valve pins, but if you read the Spyder upgrade FAQ again, it tells u how to modify it.

* Air source - In LP setups, you can use either CO2 or N2, but I recommend N2. CO2 operates at a lower pressure, but it still can have some bad side effects on your gun and not as consistent in velocity. I say sacrifice some money and a few PSI, or pressure, and get a nitrogen tank. You should note that LP setups sometimes require more air for the lower velocity you go. Some actually improve your quality. If u get a Tornado valve, it is supposed to radically increase your shots per tank.

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JT Excllerator 4.0
AKA Tornado Valve
Light Main Spring
Medium Valve Spring
20oz Anti-Syphon tank with Smart Parts on/off valve
Ricochet AK
Dark Horizons Titanium Striker
Lapco Vertical Adapter
Lapco Chrome Bottomline
Macroline Air Fittings/Hoses
Chrome Bob Long Torpedo Reg
Chrome Shocktech Drop Forward

Currently running at 200psi; recocks at 100psi.
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