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Originally posted by Hsuve
These are my views on this:

A regulator is a regulator, in my opinion. Any reg will work for low pressure use, but I'd rather choose a consistent reg.

You can use the Tornado valve. Though people say there's only a 50% chance, I haven't heard of anybody yet that couldn't get it to work. Not only that, but if it's the highest flowing valve, I would believe it to be high flowing to the striker tube as well, to get it to recock more easily. Sure, your gun would lose a lil' efficiency that way, but I'm sure people would want a working valve rather than just a few more shots.

Another good bolt? Your stock bolt. There's nothing wrong with, other than that it's a bit restrictive of air at first. Remove the venturi in the bolt and you're good to go.

A high flowing vertical adapter is very useful in a LP setup. Without it, I've heard people couldn't get below 600PSI or so. While I had my setup a while back with the stock vertical adapter that wasn't drilled or anything, I couldn't get below 750PSI. Again, it's very important to a LP setup.

Though there are some websites repeatedly shown, there are others that, I'm sure, have great prices as well. Look around on the internet, there are many paintball stores, eventually you'll find a great one! These are ones that I recommend:

To keep this thread from getting cluttered, this is closed, and if you have any comments in which you would like to add to this thread, please PM me, thank you.

NOTE: Over the course of time, I have been understanding how guns work, and what's benefitial, what is not. I have come to also understand that LP does not, in fact, increase accuracy, or lower ball chopping in blowback guns. However, partly the truth still remains, your gun becomes quieter, as you'll "pushing" the ball slightly more than just forcing it out. Also, if set up correctly, it can increase efficiency, though I often see that people choose to go as low a pressure and choose not to setup their gun properly for maximum efficiency. Accuracy has to do with ball to barrel match, not pressure. In the end, whether or not you're shooting a LP or HP gun, you still need approximately 90PSI to push a ball out a barrel at 300FPS. If you hook up a gauge to a regulator with an output hole and set it at 800PSI, I can absolutely guarentee that the gauge will not drop to 0PSI and return, which goes to show a gun does not pull all 800PSI from behind the valve. Ball breaking with blowbacks either has to do with a extremely poor ball match (Tiny arse bore barrel with a large bored ball), or main spring tension. The pressure applied onto the ball is still relatively the same, considering you can't change the pressure pushing the ball unless affecting velocity as well. It all depends whether you want the pressure to push it out real quick, or a tad slower. LP setups often require a heavier main spring to keep the valve open longer, and thus allow more air into the bolt to push the paintball out. I find this to be a poor decision to make, as if/when a ball comes halfway down the chamber, that strong mainspring will drive the striker and bolt forward with more strength than a soft main spring, and will make an awful mess of things. These are my new views upon LP, take them or leave them, it's up to you. If you have anything you need to clear up, or if you disagree with me and want to debate, feel free to PM me, I'm still here to help...

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