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Originally posted by Playaz
if you really hate your neighbor that much just put a pingpong ball/sand in his gas tank... thatll teach him

i was playin pball in this city property forest type place behind my house, it has tons of no tresspassing signs on the fence around it but we just ignore it and jump it. we were playin out there for about an hour and someone called the cops on us. 2 cops showed up and had their pball guns with them, a cocker and an angel. they played with us cause they were goin off duty, it pissed the hell outa the person that called the cops on us lol
I find this part hard to believe, what officer carries there paintball gun with them in the car... and why would they go get them when they are onduty on a call...doesnt make sense to me.

The first story was awesome, I work in a garage taking my apprenticeship, and we work on RCMP vechicles there, well anywho, I was showing the guys i work with my PB gun and 2 officers were there picking up a cruiser, they came over and had a look, found out one of them played on and off and has a 98 custom. One of these days hes gonna come out to the private field we play at and give it a shot, i told him to call me the day i could warn the guys not to bring there stuff lol...
If someone says you surender, just turn around, say...hmmm.. no and load them up
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