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woods tactics

in my woods, we have a huge hill that one team starts from, so if you play with a hill listen up, this could help you!! ok one team starts on the hill, the other team starts about 150 feet away in the bunkers and trees. have the other team take the hill. when the game starts (ill say theres 7 people on your team) have 5 people stay in bunkers and keep the people on the top of the hill pinned down. the other two people should take the farthest outside route within reason around and try to get behind the hill. tell the 5 other people before hand NOT TO LET ANYONE OFF THE HILL!! dont let them down the sides or anything. so they may have to fan themselves out in front of the hill.

it should only take you 5 minutes AT THE MOST to get up behind the hill. have your teammate take one side, and you to the other side, so that when you open fire on the other team, you wont get tagged out standing right next to eachother. if the firing is coming from two completely different directions, itll take them longer to figure out where its coming from, giving you more time to attack.
if your team at the front of the hill did their job
right at keeping their opponents pinned, you and your teammate on the back of the hill should be able to wipe out the whole team by yourselves, hitting everyone in the back.

i have used this tactic a few times (it only works a few times with the same people, they catch on after a while) and it has worked every time. so if you play woodsball with "the hill"
use this tactic, or something close to it.

my gun: 290$
your gun: 1000$
my air system:50$
your air system: 430$
me saving 1090$ more than you and still kicking you *** in paintball: priceless
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