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a cop pulled his gun on me i was walking to where we always play. its qctually quite a ways behind my neighborhood. well i had my mask sitting on top of my head and i see a this cop car turn on to the street im walkin down lights flashin siren blaring and hes goin very fast he stops the car skidding and fishtailing a little bit he jumps out of the car and hes pointing his gun at me before i can react (i was really wondering what he was doing) i like freaked out with my hands in the air and then he stops looks confused and laughs, and apolgizes and said they had a report of a suspiscous masked person wandering around with a bomb. but i knew the cop since we go to the same church and we play paintball together sometimes. he did go through my bag though and he told me to try to stay out of sight walkin to the place i was gonna be play paintball at that day so it was cool he also gave me a ride to the little field (its outlaw ball but we have permission to play there) it was cool cuz he had the siren on and everything and drove right up into the setup area it was cool and stuff
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i can't tell you how many e-friends i got after quoteing myself!!!
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