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I have woods right next to my house and i always shoot there, target practice, trees, bushes, etc. Well, right on the other side of the street which is a little lower I always see this grumpy old guy, and he always sees me (He never comes out, unless he hears my marker). When he sees me, he watches, and if i make one wrong move, like accidently miss something and hit the street....., he'll call. He hasn't yet, but he is just waiting for one wrong slip up.
I have found my true calling:
To snipe you from the shadows, where you cant even see, ha ha ha
~Right now~
Tippmann 98 custom
Flatline Barrel
double trigger
~Soon to come~
spyder imagine (or select)
3000 psi Nitrogen tank
Red Redz Bottle cover
Red flame drop forward
Red Dye sticky grips
Red 12-volt Revolution Hopper
Flame paintjob

Oh yeah
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