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same kinda thing happened to me. I was shooting in my backyard at a target i had setup. One of my neighbors who yells at me and threatens to call the cops for walking my dog on their lawn and playing basketball with my friends at 2:00pm saying we are disturbing the peace or some ****. well any ways she had called the cops saying i was shooting my neighbors windows and transformers and stop signs. one of the cops stopped in front of my house and walks around back and my dog is laying next to me and starts growling so i look over and see the cop and tell her to stop. she is not a small dog (85 pound german sheppard). My dad is a volunteer fireman in town and a previous county legislator so he knmows all the cops. The cops knows me and i know him so he told me what happened and checks the neighbor's yards and finds nothing b/c there was nothing. I explain about paintball and everything and all of a sudden i see the neighbor who made the call standing in the entrance to my backyard with her dog. "why isn't he in handcuffs yet?" and the cop says b/c he isn't doing anything the slightest bit wrong. "yea right." she then lets her dog of the leash and says trys to sick it on my dog. my dog starts barking like mad and starts runing at her dog. her dog stops dead in it's tracks and runs down the street. don't know what happend after that b/c the cop asked me to go inside just to avoid any more problems so i tried looking out the window but couldn't see much
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