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Hi. I'm new to this whole thing and yeah. Found this forum and I got something to share since I just got a couple really bad bruises yesterday. Yesterday was my second day ever playing paintball and we were playing in the woods, so since there wasn't any rules for bunkering or the speed thing for the gun, it was pretty brutal out there. My last game, everyone on my team was shot and I was the only left, so of course, I got slaughtered (I believe those guys cheated, but hey, couldn't do anything about it.) I got bunkered(within five feet) by three guys. They're so mean! I got a really bad bruise from [I think it] was a mini-mag. Check the pic out! Enjoy. Mind my hair, it's messy. Is it suppose to be that bad? It doesn't really hurt, only when ya poke it. lol. And...Yeah, that's it. Baiz!
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