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WOW!!!! truly great storys!!!

well, here's my little city's tail..

the guy that owns our one and ONLY paintball shop also is a cop! his son attends my school and im pretty cool with him. The cop himself is REAL nice, he's a die-hard paintballer and helped out our field in the last tourney we had (ordering paint, reffing and what not) he currently has a black to blue fade angel, his son has an angel fly, and his daughter has a a pink IR3 i believe, its a rare.. ONE IN TEN! most of them are in england, i'll try to get a picture of it.. so yay, basically their whole family paintballs except for the mother/wife... but she sure does know alot about paintball!

oh, and BTW, the girl with the pink 1 in 10 angel, is 8... she was sponsored before she played... by dye and redz i was sad...

heh, i havent had any problems with the neighbors callin cops or anything, but if i do i hope the cop with the paintball shop shows up!
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