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Business Name: Gold Dragon Paintball

Location: Central, SC

Telephone Number: 864 639 4066


Registration Fee: $10

Rental Equiptment Fee: $10

Fill Stations: CO2 up to 12 $3 to 20 $4 over 20 $5, Nitrogen $1 / 1000psi

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: 32 degrees, nelson, tc venom $45/case powerball, anarchy, viper venom, team colors $55/case

Styles of Play Available: Speedball, Woods, Scenario fields

Comments/Conculsions: An all around great place to play... new so not a lot of walk ons yet, but getting better.. friendly staff, nice set up... not much for an onsite store at all, but hat is in the plans.. and they are adding things all the time.. fields right now but soon to be 9
Jeremi Gelinas

586 Robinson Bridge RD
Central, SC 29630

864 639 4066

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