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I have the problem of my sear getting bumped loose from its setting, so next time I go play I'm going to elmers glue the sear adj. screw so it doesn't move and I won't put enough on for it to stay permanent, just so it stays in place.

I also saw another thing that could be a problem with lots of common problems that people have with double feeding, and burping problems. First thing, the ball detent is a ball bearing, and I was having some double feeding problems recently, so I decided to take apart my ball detent. The problem was caused by dried paint inside of the detent making the ball bearing stick to the back of the wall inside. The problem was solved by just getting a piece of wet paper towel and rolling the ball bearing around and wiping it down and then I oiled the inside by pushing the ball bearing in and applying oil and it worked like a charm.

Next thing is the sear,

When I took apart my trigger frame yesterday, I noticed that where the sear is connected to the frame (with the retaining pin), there is quite a bit of friction between the sear, frame, and pin. When I actuated the sear when the trigger frame was off the gun, I noticed a scraping sound and that the sear wasn't jumping back quickly enough to its proper recocking point where it catches the striker which obviously ment friction between the sear and the trigger frame. So some of you might want to take your sear out and sand the sides of the sear down where there might be friction and then oil it too. That might solve some recocking problems for some people. I am personally going to do this as soon as I can (next week) because I have a job, I have SATs and three hockey games tomorrow so I am quite busy. Another thing is that your sear spring might have no more bounce to it anymore so you might want to reconsider getting a new sear spring.

Hope this helps out a lot of people,

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