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Magnetic Trigger adjustment instructions from Toxic Dave from Matrix Owner

Adjusting Your Toxic Magnet Trigger Frame

Adjusting forward travel.
Forward travel is controlled by adjusting the magnet carrier up or down via the 1/8 key-key. It is accessible through the small hole underneath the trigger guard. Once adjusted, put a small amount of blue thread locker on the threads.

Adjusting rear travel.
Once you have unscrewed your grip frame from the main body of your Matrix, you will see that there are two Allen-screws on the top of the trigger itself. The back one controls real travel. You will need a 5/64 Allen-key to adjust this screw. Once adjusted to where you like it, put a small amount of blue thread-locker on the threads.

Adjusting trigger-pull weight.
The front screw on the trigger contacts with the magnet in the frame, the farther you unscrew it away from it, the less attraction it will have, and vise-versa. Once you have adjusted this screw, be sure to put a little blue thread-locker on the threads.

That should get ya to where ya want to be.

dave/ toxic
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