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yah, most cops are pretty cool about paintball, one time at the field i was reffing, a group of like 70 or 80 marines and state police came to play. they were all really cool and had plenty of stories of gettin called on kids with paintball markers. anyways a few weeks later, me and a few friends were at a paintball store my friend (19 yrs old lol) owns. we were in teh parking lot shooting air and stuff just messing around. well i guess the people next door diddnt relize it was a paintball store so of course they run in the store in a panic and call the cops on us. cops show up. turns out they were the two that organized the private game we reffed a few weeks earlier. they were all really cool about it and talked for like 5 min about how they want to make it out the field again and hopped in their cars and left.

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