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Muwha! I got a new big bruise. ^_^ Heheh. It's on my leg. I was playing a 3vs5 and I was on the 3 team, but during the game, my friend and I started having some problems with our guns and the other guy was way over somewhere, so we couldn't like get him. Anyway, my friend called out and I was there, shooting at three of the guys on the opposite team and my other teammate let someone sneak around the whole field, so I got shot like... *counting*... five times that game, three didn't pop. On my thigh, I was shot twice, so that's why the bruise is so big and plus, those guys had their velocities on high (damn them.) Take a looksie. And yes, I know my arms are darker than my legs, that's what happens when you hate shorts and skirts and going out with anything not covering your legs. I'm paranoid. Gotta stay outta the sun as much as possible for like a year... I also got a little bruise on my knee, because I was kneeling down a rock for a while and didn't notice for a bit.
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