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Holy Sh_t!!! Jaster, that was an awesome story man!! And I love the updates too!! Thats so rad that everything worked out the way it should have(except the cop getting slapped), you not getting in deep crapola, the cops being nice and shooting your marker, the drunk crazy a_s beyotch getting charged up the ying-yang. And to all the other folks that wrote the other stories, rock on!! Those are all exellent!! I wish I had tales like that to tell.
Peace everybody!!

Cocker_017, where did you get that cool laughing smilie?

Marker Setup:
Pewter 2K4 Nasty SP Shocker
With matching:

Vert. Max-Flo
14in. Smart Parts Freak
Smart Parts black S-rail
SP on/off

48ci Pure Energy tank
48ci DYE RHINO Tank Cover
Evo 2 with X-board
Smoke HALO B with rip drive

Do you have a PEWTER Nasty SP Shocker? Drop me a line.

Lets start a PEWTER Nasty Shocker fan/owner club!

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