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Well the funny thing is, if she didn't pull all that crap I would have been told to my stuff away and not do that. Since she caused so many problems they kind of forgot about me. I wasn't going to remind them. I pretty much had my self covered no matter what happened. I'm just glad they took the time to figure out what was really going on. She calls the cops on a regular basis nor for everything that happens on our street. There is a group of black kids that just walk up and down the street singing just cause there is nothing better to do. Well the nerve of that group of 14 year old "violent gang." walking on the sidewalk. The cops just stop them and say hi then keep on going. I told the kids they could sit in the end of my driveway all day long and sing as loud as they want for as long as they want. I even bring them drinks. (my driveway is VERY close to her bedroom and living room windows.) I absolutely hate rap but I like it when it annoys the nutcase. I should get some amps and some mics and set them up in my garage. Right next to my shooting lane. Paintball and rap music at the same time. They'd be bee-boppin and I'd be shooting to the beat... OMG she'd flip. She just stares out her mini-blinds for hours. I think she's a bit paranoid. I so waiting for the aluminum foil over the windows.... "The Governments alien attackers are comin to get me....aaaaggghhhhh!!!!!" .
I wave to her every morning with a big smile....She just flips me off. Then I act so shocked. What a way to start the day.
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Originally posted by the Jaster. All I'm going to say to you about him is....don't make him angry.

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