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HA HA HA!! Thats awesome! I'm not quite sure on further pissing her off with the R&B-Paintball thing, hold that idea in reserve, it is a good idea. Just make her feel really bad over time. When she flips you the bird, act like you are progressively getting more and more hurt buy it. Then one day, at the peak of it all, when she flips you (Have some onions handy) break down into a horrible crying, screaming, driveway hugging mess, I mean balling your eye's out, so bad you need a storm drain. Let the neighbours hear and come to your aid. They must know about her ways by now. Get her sorry, drunk, lunatic a_s to come outside and say sorry for fingering you, she has to say that out loud in front of all the neighbours (Or, you can scream it out loud while drowning in your own tears, gurgle crying would boost the effectness of it) to deminish all remaning respect of her. An exellent, somewhat demeaning way of showing her how to really make someones life miserable or how to really screw with someone, then repeat the same process. Your neighbours will learn to hate her and love the symphony that is near automatic paintball fire.

I wish you all the best in your beyotch humiliating adventures


Marker Setup:
Pewter 2K4 Nasty SP Shocker
With matching:

Vert. Max-Flo
14in. Smart Parts Freak
Smart Parts black S-rail
SP on/off

48ci Pure Energy tank
48ci DYE RHINO Tank Cover
Evo 2 with X-board
Smoke HALO B with rip drive

Do you have a PEWTER Nasty SP Shocker? Drop me a line.

Lets start a PEWTER Nasty Shocker fan/owner club!

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