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Patience is a major asset. A few weeks ago we played a game of attack and defend. In this game we, a team of three went out to a small fort in a decently wooded area. Not open but a lot of good running lanes and well spaced bunkers. There were six attackers that were going to push the fort. (The reason for the uneven numbers was one, we were defending, but two, we ran our mouths a bit much and said we were up to the challenge.)

We put two guys in the fort and myself in a bunker on the weaker flank of the fort. I was well out of sight, which also meant that I couldn't see anything happening on the field. When they atarted closing in I was waiting, but waiting blind. The guys in the fort were my eyes and did a great job. They constantly kept moving from firing spot to firing spot so that from the outside it looked like all three of us where within the fort. They left the weak side open and made it look like an invinting target of oppertunity. All the while they shouted out back and forth to each other the location of the other team in reference to the fort so as to let me know what was going on without directly speking to me.

At first one came within a few feet of my bunker and was an easy hit, but it would reveal my spot with two more on the way. I waited and they took up positions. Two between me and the fort on my more open side, and one on my right flank, the strong side of my bunker. I got two before they had even realized where the shots came from. One even thought that his teammate shot him. I then got stuck in a volley with the third who had a good position and we traded a pod of paint at each other but fortunately he got tired of waiting and in moving ofr a better position, failed to move fast enough. This left us with three on three. By the time I could safely move back to the fort, we had lost on and they had lost another. The other guy at the fort took out the last two, but patience is definately a virtue.

One note to add here, patience is not the ability to wait a long time. Patience is the ability to act at the right time.
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