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I think I have you all topped for awhile into the future. Well the stroy goes is that last Sunday my team had a 3-man tourney and our back man was down in Flordia "we live in MD" so we had to pick up this n00b with a Tippy98, take out his response trigger since it was illegal and let him play as back in out tourney since he was tall and a bit if not alot chunky. So I'm playing front like I usually do and I'm owning most of the other teams because we are in the 15 & under division but usually play Rookie. But I have 6 welts that are bleeding and have blood blisters all around the outside of the little circle bruise becuase i was bunkered twice that day and it was becuase out n00bie back player saw them but did not tell me even though i did get one of the guys who bunkered me out by disputiong with a ref. So on my way to the dead box the n00bie told me he saw them do it 2 me and i said, can you see this and i drilled about 3 paintballs into his but with a borrowed 98' LED Angel. Long Story Short, a bunch of other crap happened but having my g/f their and sit on my lap awhile between games cooled me down.
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