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I was playin in a 3 man tourney in austin, texas on june 6. My team and i normally play young guns but we decided to move up to rookie for this tourney, and we were by far the youngest team in the division. This tourney was different for us cause our velocity could be 300 fps instead of the normal young gun 275 fps, and the refs only checked the velocity at the begining of every round instead of the begining of every game. Anyway, we made it into the semis in second but we sucked it up in the semis. In the last game of the semi-finals, my 2 other team members go out so it was 1 on 3. I held them off for a while but in the end, all 3 of them charged me and while i was shooting out one side of my bunker, one of them came around the other side of the bunker, and i didnt quite spin around fast enough to shoot him before he shot me. Anyhow, i was shot in the upper thigh from about 1 foot away, and the guys velocity must have been way above 300 fps because its been over a month and i still have a small bruise and it has scared my leg.
marker set up:
2k2 black visioin impulse
full 18" and 14" freak set
nickel system x x-ten long drop
smart parts lpr system
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red tapeworm
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68ci 4500 psi aci bulldog 2 nitro tank
eclipse titanium hammer and shaft
new designz bio hazard back cap
black hypersport works i-frame
black twister feed
clear halo b
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