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i like sneakin to different obstacles when they're not lookin... they pop up and point where you WERE but you shoot em right in the goggles

when your shootin someone, you wanna be there first. get above something and point and wait. as soon as they pop up shoot um cause your already ready but they have to look around and aim while your already there... unless they moved without you knowin. when i think someones already there, i just pop up fast and take a look where. then i get ready, pop up fast and shoot at em. they usually take a few shots, and duck to avoid gettin hit. so then your there first again. when im there and someone comes up, even if they're shootin and missin by centimeters, i dont go down i nail them suckers! but then again maybe thats just me.

sometimes in Capture the Flag when we got it i totally go Kamikaze and shoot em up, but when we are playin elimination theres no need for it and i sniper and float around without bein noticed and try and get up close shots.
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