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sounds like a great idea, and i think that if you got a couple places (like 6 across us and canada, that would probably cover it....) then it would be a great system......

and i think that if it wasnt mandatory, only optional, it would be great...... or just have a sticky on the buy/sell forums of the escrow companies, and how toship to them......

although, i dont think i would really like paying 20-30$ more on a 50$ barrel, but for markers and tanks and stuff, it sounds excellent

Originally posted by Thor the Mighty
now, i can understand if your girlfriend has elephantitus of the eyelid or something so it looks like she has an extra butt cheek growing out of her eye, or if her eyes were the color of baby mustard (diaper gravy) and she yelled out "YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" when you noticed her "crusted lumberjack stare" but beyond that, its all good.
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