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Some things I did last time we played

This is all woods ball with a group of about 27 people.

First game 3 man sniper team- work you way into some thick cover and aproach the enemy carefully so as not to be detected. Maintain a triangular formation keeping a good distance from each other The best point man (ME) should be the tip of the arrow pointing at the other team. We ran into the main body of the other team who were trying to sneak through the area we were covering. Once you see the other team set up in front of them and have the point guy only open fire. (I nailed 2 with the opening shots) the point man then ceases to act like a sniper and runs away noisily firing as you go. the idea is to get them to chase you. They fell for it and ran into tho other two points of the triangle and several more were eliminated. At this point the triangle formation is inverted from how you started out, and the person who was point makes sure that no-one flanks your team. This tends to work like a charm. The three of us held up a group of 10 and the rest of our team wiped out thier diversion force and then came in behind the survivors that had run into us and from then on it was mop-up.

Second game, I am off to the side by myself and five of them go by me as I hide in plain view in a bunch of ferns. I had made sure that I was in the shade so that there would be no glare of the gogs for them to detect me by. they head towards the rear of a bunker trying to sneak in close. I follow behind them still not opening fire. I wait until they are almost in position to attack the bunker and open fire on them from behind I get two and the bunker cleans up the rest. Their surprise was gone and they were in a crossfire from 3 guns, I wish I could have seen thier faces under thier masks as their plan went to pot.

3rd game- beacause of the nature of the field, both teams had been trying to reach the flag by attacking the sides. The center is almost devoid of cover and protected by a nearly impregnable bunker. One guy was taking charge and outlining a plan to do basically the same thing. I had a better Idea.send out some decoys to make alot of noise on both sides to make them think we are doing what they expect, and then have the main group do the unthinkable and charge right at that bunker to pull the flag. He argued for his plan and I for mine(at this point in the day I didn't know who the guy was)one of his buddies pulls me aside and tells me he's a swat guy. I am impressed with his credetials but still want to try my plan. A bunch of my buddies, some of whom I've been plaing with for 6-7 years back me up and we go for it. Worked like a charm. There were only three guys defending the flag from that approach and although they got a couple of us I managed to pull the flag.

Id write down some more but this post is too long allready.

I'll end it with a few tips for sneaky types
Always stay in the shade of a tree. Most people are detected by glare from the sun bouncing off you gogs or gun.

Move with the wind. If its a breezy day and you are in close and dont want them to hear you, move when the breeze picks up and they probably wont hear you.

Never underestimate the value of a low crawl approach. Sure it takes a little longer to get there, and you are down in the dirt, but the lower you are the harder it is to detect you.

If you are hidden and someone looks in your direction, do not move a muscle. think "I am a rock" I dont know how many times people have looked right at me and moved on.

Use every bit of elevation that you can. even if its a slight mound or depression, you can use it. I've shot at people, dropped into a ravine and then ran down it only to emerge behind them

I like small dogs!
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