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List of Mask Threads

If you don't find a mask versus thread here, either PM me or reply to this post, otherwise, the best thing you can do is a Search, this is only a VERY small list of different threads, there are hundreds out there each with different opinions.

And Remember, when CHOOSING the mask, the only thing you can really do is TRY IT ON, don't ask for peoples opinions, it varies, some people have big heads other have small heads... Go to your local Proshop or ask a friend and try the mask on before you buy it!

Use this list only for opinions, Tips threads, and Announcements

Thank you
~Another Message from your Neighborhood Ukrainian

Versus Threads

Proteus vs Invision

Invision vs V-Force

Invision vs Proflex

V-force vs Proteus

Pro-Flex vs Flex 7

Raven vs Invision

Best mask under $50?

Raven vs Invision vs Proteus

X-wing vs Vortex Fan

Good Reply by FallNAngel

Good Thread about masks by FallNAngel

Glasses threads

Glasses thread 1

Glasses thread 2

Goggle Skinz

Glasses with Mask


Lense Colors

Lense Color 2

Good Tip Threads

Head covering Tips

Spectra Thermal Lense removal

Painting Mask

Cleaning Lenses

Anti- Fog Tips #1

Anti- Fog Tips #2

Rain X?

Which mask do you wear? do you wear a visor?

Announcements (New Mask Etc.)

JT Axiom FX-10

Dye Proto Switch

I I'll update it once new posts come.
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Originally posted by XtraBoy
How about "Off in the corner" That way if you lose in the finals or something, the other team could say "Yah dude, they almost had em, but johnny over here went up and bunkered the last guy and we ended up beating off in the corner"

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