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General FAQ

First thing first, what’s A-5?
The A-5 is the next evolution in the Tippmann line of markers. It is a great mid-level marker that can grow with you as you grow as a player. It can hang with the "big dogs" out of the box, but with a little work, you can put together a truly awesome marker.

Note: Model No. A-5
A stands for Automatic (referring to the Cyclone Feed System)
5 stands for how many paintballs the Cyclone Feed System “Pre-Load” in its five arm “Star”.

How do I oil my A-5?
Get good paintball oil. Not vegetable oil or WD-40. Get paintball specific oil. Such as Hoppes 9, Pro-Team Pro-lube, or PMI Perfect. There are many different types. But as long as they are made "specifically for paintball" then it's good for maintenance.

Because this is critical in your guns' overall life. These are not toys, they require regular maintenance. Normally, at least every other case of paint, about 4-5 drops in the ASA. Screw in the tank, and take about 20 dry-fire shots (note: with barrel off, otherwise you'll get oil in the barrel hurting accuracy).

For total break down maintenance, you'll only need to oil moving parts. Such as the bolt and hammer. These need to be oiled every so often. And along with those, all the o-rings require to be oiled. Otherwise they will dry up and need to be replaced.

Is it true that the A-5 can be field striped within 60 seconds with no tools?
Yes, it is right. Standard cleaning and maintenance can be done by turning the velocity screw all the way in and then pulling out four quick-pull pins, removing the grip and ASA adapter and pulling the entire valve system out of the marker.

Everything in the A-5 is very modular in design. This becomes evident when fully disassembling the marker. We find that the entire trigger and sear system is a single self-contained part. No more springs flying everywhere when you strip the marker like there was with the M98 and 98C. The one-piece trigger assembly can be broken down easily for installation of a double-trigger or for maintenance sake.

Why there are so many plastic parts on the A-5?
A lot of parts (Cyclone Feed, cocking knob, Front Grip, Trigger grip, Front Sight, End Cap, ...) on the A-5 are "plastic" instead of aluminum both because of cost and weight. This reduces weight, so it's not a bad thing, though some people are scared to death of plastic. Tippmann made this marker to last and you need not worry, it's not a Brass Eagle marker after all, it's a Tippmann Marker and we all know how Tippmann stand behind the products they make.

What kind of fire power/trigger upgrades can I get for the A-5?
E-Grip & Response Trigger. And you can ONLY have one of them installed on your A-5, not both at the same time.

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