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After-Market Barrel FAQ

Great, so what is my first upgrade should be?
Your very first upgrade should be a new barrel. I strongly suggest this. Forget everything else until you get a new barrel. You have many choices, and many different price ranges. The choice you make depends on both styles of play and budget.

Now there are many many other barrels out there worth mentioning. But the fact still remains; whatever aftermarket barrel you chose it will be better than the A-5’s stock barrel. Check Barrel & Paint for more details.

After the barrel, most other upgrades only slightly increase performance, quiet the gun, make a smaller profile… etc. But in the end, all future upgrades continue to add weight! That is why the barrel is the most important upgrade. Because it's the biggest factor in you actually hitting your target.

Note: The barrel threads of the A-5 are removable and exchangeable. The A-5 is shipped with a Pro-Carb barrel thread adapter which accepts almost all Pro-series barrels and well as most F-4 barrels, but if you want, you can get a series of aftermarket barrel adapters that allows you to use spyder, m98 and other style barrels on your A-5. Check , , for more details.

Which one is better? 12” or 14”?
If you play more speedball, tourneys, and hyper ball, you’ll want a shorter barrel. An 8”-10” would be the right size.

If you play a lot of Air Ball, a 14” or 16” barrel will be handy when you want to snap shoot.

Note: Range and Accuracy has NOTHING to do with Barrel Length. Check here for more details.

And the important thing is the classic "Paint to Barrel match".

I won't have the money to buy a after-market barrel any time soon, what can I do?
I found this quick MOD on the Internet that will improve the accuracy of your stock barrel. Get some electrical tape, cover up all the porting (holes) at the middle of the stock barrel. I have never try it out, so I don't know it works or not. But won't hurt to give it a try. Anyway, as soon as you have some money for upgrade, buy yourself a nice after-market barrel.

I heard that Lapco makes Fake Suppressor for the 7.5” BigShot. Will it works with other barrels?
No. This cosmetic upgrade is specially designed for using with the Lapco 7.5” BigShot only. As you already know, it is “FAKE”, it doesn’t Silence the gun at all.

I have a 7.5” BigShot for M98/98C and a 98 -> A-5 Barrel Adapter on my A-5, can I use the Fake Suppressor with them?
No. The after-market Barrel Adapter is a little longer than the stock Barrel Adapter, so it won’t fit.

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