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E-Grip FAQ

What is the E-Grip? How does it increase Rate of fire?
The GTA E-Grip is a new Grip Electronic Frame that trips the sear electronically with each pull of the trigger using a solenoid. You install the new grip frame in the place of the stock grip frame. The E-grip comes complete with trigger assembly, trigger frame and the electronic components.

Since the trigger activates the sear electronically, the marker can fire much quicker than the stock trigger, but slightly slower than the RT. Most people report results of 11bps.

The E-Grip uses standard 9 volt batteries and gets roughly 3000 rounds per battery from reports we've gathered.

Can I adjust the Rate of fire? What modes of fire are available?
There are Two holes in the E-grip Frame that allow you to change both the rate of fire and the mode of fire with a small screwdriver.

The E-Grip has five firing modes.
1. Semi Automatic - One shot for each pull of the Trigger
2. Turbo - Semi-Auto until the trigger is pulled faster than 4bps then it switches to auto-response, doubling your rate of fire.
3. Auto Response - One shot on the pull and one on the release of the trigger. Basically two round burst.
4. Three Round Burst - Three shot each time you pull the trigger
5. Full Automatic - Hold the Trigger; launch 11bps in a constant string.

Is the E-Grip easy to install and uninstall?
Yes. You just pull the two lower receiver pins, and the tombstone pin, remove the stock grip frame, remove the bottom line ASA from the stock receiver and install it on the E-Grip, and install the E-grip on the marker just as you uninstalled the Stock Grip. It takes less than two minutes.

Does the E-Grip use MORE gas?
No, it is powered by the batteries.

Is the E-Grip Tourney Legal?
Absolutely. That's why it was created. It takes the A-5 into High-End territory and can definitely compete with the Big boys out there. Just as Tippmann Effect, Tippmanns Factory Tourney Team. Though it can only be used in Semi-Auto mode.

Are there any known problems with the E-Grip?
A few. The Battery tends to be difficult to install/uninstall even though it was designed to be easy. The Wires tend to get in the way and hold the battery in the grip.

The Trigger switch is very sensitive and unless you make sure to turn the E-grip to a "Dead" setting, the sear tripping pin can shoot out of the Grip.

Also, the cyclone can get rather rough on paint when cycling at 15bps for loing periods of time. There are updates available for the cyclone that fixes that problem and they are free. Just call Tippmann for details.

Some fields still ban everything except Semi-Automatic; sue the other modes after talking to your field operators.

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