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Response Trigger FAQ

What is the RT Trigger Kit? How does it increase Rate of fire?
The GTA Response Trigger Kit is a fully mechanical, Pneumatic Trigger Assist system. It uses wasted blow back gas to power a piston installed behind the trigger which returns the trigger to the ready position, ready to fire the next shot much quicker than the normal spring return and with much greater force.

Since the trigger resets much quicker and with much greater force, you can pull it quicker. Most people report results of between 14 and 17bps.

Can I adjust the Rate of fire?
In a way yes. You can adjust the flow of gas to the RT Piston, increasing or decreasing the pressure in the piston. The greater the pressure, the greater the force required to pull the trigger, and thus a slower the rate of fire. The lesser the pressure, the lesser the force required to pull the trigger, and thus a higher rate of fire.

Will the RT make my A-5 Fully Automatic?
In a way yes, and in a way no. Fully automatic markers work by cycling the bolt automatically while you are holding the trigger down. The RT can MIMIC this easily, but the trigger still moves with each shot, so you TECHNICALLY are pulling the trigger with each ball fired. This is called "sweet spotting."

How do you find the "Sweet Spot?"
It's different with the individual settings of each marker and each player. Usually the sweet spot can be found by pulling the trigger about half way back instead of all the way back and by applying constant pressure to the trigger. If set up correctly, the Trigger will bounce against your finger, and fire off a string of shots at high speed.

Is the RT easy to install and uninstall?
Yes, much easier to install than the 98 Custom Version of the RT and it requires less modification. The instructions are a bit complicated, but anyone with a decent working knowledge of the A-5 will be able to install it in about 15 minutes, and even less to disable it. To Disable the RT, you simply need to pull the hose that leads to the RT piston, and replace the Banjo "T" fitting with the stock banjo fitting.

Does the RT use MORE gas?
Yes and no. The RT works on wasted blow back gasses. So in theory you should get the same number of shots per tank that you get from a stock A-5 or a m98c.

But that's not necessarily the case.

With the increased Rate of Fire Co2 will act differently than it would for the stock A-5 or M98C. As you shoot faster, the tank becomes colder and that leads to the Co2 taking more time to evaporate from liquid to gas. This means that more liquid will be drawn from the tank as usual. This in turn means not only will you use more of the co2, but it can also chill the gas lines and the valve, creating even more of a problem. This can also cause the output pressure of the tank to start dropping rapidly, meaning that the cyclone and RT will start to "slow down." A good Expansion Chamber, Regulator and remote system will help with this, but Nitro is the best solution.

Is the RT Tourney Legal?
Again, yes and no. Even though it is still a semi-automatic marker, and you're still pulling the trigger for each paintball fired, the fact that you can mimic full auto easily has caused MOST big leagues to ban the RT. Some local tourneys will allow it though, so always check with the Ultimate Judge of the tourney before signing up with and RT.

Are there any known problems with the RT?
A few. Some of the earlier RT kits had loose o-rings resulting in leaks. And some of the RTs shipped with bad pistons. These problems were corrected by Tippmann and if you have one of these kits you can contact Tippmann to get yours replaced.

Newer RT kits also come with new trigger plates that can stand up to the pressure of the RT kit a little better.

That and some field still ban fully automatic paintball markers, and the RT because of the trigger bounce.
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