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Air System FAQ

What kind of air source can I use on the A-5?
Both CO2 and N2/HPA. Check Air Systems more details.

What kind of upgrades should I get if I use CO2?
You have a couple of options. expansion chamber, remote, anti-siphon & regulator.

Most expansion chambers are the same. They all do their job by turning liquid to gas. It pretty much depends on how many stages you get. If you want a more compact design, go with a 4 stage. But a 6 stage will help the liquid expand better.

Remotes, you have the choice of coiled or steel-braided. The steel braided will last a lot longer… but it is also a longer remote. The coiled remote will sometimes curl up on you when gassed up, but just a turn of the gun and it's loose. Plus the coiled remote is more compact and doesn’t get in the way as much as steel braided. And if you get coiled, make sure it’s with a high enough psi, at least 3000, but 4500 if you can afford. Both are very flexible, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

And if you get a remote, which takes the tank weight off of your gun, you’ll need to hold onto it somehow. To do this, you’re probably going to get a harness any ways to help carry paint, so be sure to get a harness+1. That +1 on the harness means +1 spot to hold onto your tank.

For the anti-siphon, this is a tube that curls up inside the tank. It makes it so that only gas goes into the gun. Because in CO2 tanks, it is liquid CO2. With a regular tank, this liquid can get towards the pinhole and go out instead of gas. But with this, it maximizes the chance of only gas and keeping the liquid in the tank and not in your gun.

**Special Note: Never run an anti-siphon and a remote together. Doing so will result in the total opposite effect. It will turn the tank into a siphon. Meaning that you'll bring pure liquid CO2 into the gun.

If you want to use a regulator with CO2 use. There is only 1 regulator I can suggest. The Palmer Stabilizer. The reputation this has built, due to it's durability and quality, has ranked it as the best for CO2 use if needed. More information can be found at .

Note: Here is a guide for CO2 shots per OZ. at 80º F.

65 to 70 shots per OZ
7oz Tank = 466 Shots
9oz Tank = 600 Shots
12oz Tank = 800 Shots
20oz Tank = 1333 Shots

What kind of upgrades/Tanks should I get if I use HPA/N2?
There are many factors in purchasing an HPA system, so get a tank that’s good for you. There are many different sizes, different fixed output pressures or adjustable, different material, and different maximum fillable psi (3000 or 4500).

For those that like a lighter tank, go carbon-fiber wrapped. However, the steel tanks can take a ding a lot better compared to the damage it would do to the wrapped tanks.

Along with that, get one that fits your gas needs. If you play short games, you’ll only need a 47-68ci or so tank. But if you play scenarios, long rec. games, etc. you may want to consider a bigger tank like an 88-114ci.

Note: It is about 10 shots every cubic inch on a 3000psi tank (68ci = 680 shots, 88ci = 880 shots). And it is about 15 shots every cubic inch on a 4500 psi tank (68ci = 1020 shots, 88ci = 1320 shots).

Now if you are running N2, you may also want to look into a secondary regulator, which is one of the most underrated upgrades, I feel. This will help make your shots more consistent, and help you on adjusting your psi input for better efficiency. Because your input pressure will determine what type of regulator you should get. Be it a high pressure, or a low-pressure regulator. If you’re going for your gun to run on a low-pressure system, you’ll want a low-pressure reg of around 50-400 psi. But if you want your gun to run off of almost the stock psi, get a higher-pressure reg of around 400-800psi. With Low Pressure, you get less kickback from the gun. And in theory, it's supposed to soften the impact of the air on the ball resulting in less distortion and less ball breakage.

I don’t like to use a Remote, can I add a Drop Forward?
Of course, any kind you want. But you will need a Universal Mount. More information can be found at , and .
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