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Another satisfied customer. I pulled out my trigger spring, saftey, and put some tape on the sear stopping pin. Haven't had a chance to test fire or tweak it yet but I can tell it is way shorter but can still take a bit of a bump on the back of the marker without releasing the bolt.

If you don't mind me adding; while you're in there, I would suggest taking off that ugly bolt handle cap and using the textured metal one like the Tippmann Effect does. Also pull the drive spring and spring guide out of the bolt so you can take the bolt handle out, put a couple layers of clear tape on it to get rid of the play, and cut out where the holes are with a modeling knife or razor blade. Replace and enjoy a quieter rear bolt assembly.

I'm thinking about polishing where the rear bolt and linkage arm slides. Is it really necessary to polish the entire inside of the reciever halves?


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