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I don't fog up on my Morph at all. I have no anti-fog spray on it, I just keep it clean with a little soap and water after I play. I use water and toilet paper on the field. I think the reason it doesn't fog is because it's pushed so far from your face. Also, I can get were my glasses while playing if I needed too (I wear contacts usually)

The greatest advantage IMHO is how easy it is to get your lense out. I'm not super fast, but I can remove it in under 10 seconds and put it back in in about 30. Sometimes it's hard for me to get the snaps in, but they get easier after you do it a bunch of times.

Imagine being shot just below the lense and paint splatter onto the inside of the lense. It is VERY easy to clean it off since you can just pop the lense off.

Another great advantage is the clarity of the lense. They say "Victory comes with vision". This is a great motto for their product. You can't hit what you can't see, and I've seen a lot of "anti fog" lenses be blury to the point that you couldn't see after a few cleanings.

Since I bought this mask, I've become much more aggressive with my play. I'm not as affraid of running up on a bunker just to be eaisly flanked by the opposition. I know now that I'll see them coming and be able to fight back.

The only downside I have to this mask is that it squeezes the top of my head pretty tight. The curvature on the top of the mask is a smaller diameter than the top of my head. After playing for a while I get huge red marks on the top of my head, and a slight discomfort. This became very evident during the scenario game I played with it. After 4 hours of wearing my mask straight, I NEEDED to get off the field and take a break (I was hungry too). At this time, my head really hurt from the mask compressing my noggin.

I can't speak for the rest of the masks on your list, but I can say nearly nothing but good for the Morph. They are a great improvment over the old Scott mask I used to own. I'm not sure why they aren't on your list, but unless you have some really big problem with them, it should be something to consider.

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