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dude, i was there too. on the very last game (@ splat attack) remember how they said that someone lost thier keys, well we went on the field the last game w/ out markers looking for barney. (me and my friend.) ne way we told the ref who was chronoing people in and she told us that it was OK. l8er on guess what!!!, we found barney. then a ref came over and took barney AWAY!!!!! we were sooo angry, we called them SPLAT NAZIS for a while.

We talked 2 the ref and she told us that another ref told her that kids in blue shirts where looking for keys. Some how she had mistaken my gray shirt, and my friends green shirt for blue. i don't know how that happened. so she took barney away and we left the field to talk 2 the head ref. he told us that even if we weren't looking for keys, he told us that we couldn't have barney b/c "what if everyone walked on the field w/ out a gun." lololololololololololol

i don't know why WE couldn't walk the field looking for pillows and barny like about 30 other people (we were wearing the color bands on our masks so if we were shot it would be out just like everyone else.
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