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Originally posted by levi333
these dont make sense, they contridict each other, any help?

Killer Kat says:

Now "why two tanks?" you ask. Well what I've been told (and the method I've followed since) is that the first scuba tank fills the majority of your guns tank, and the second tank tops it off. That way the second tank uses less of its air. Once the first tanks has done about 8 fills (on a 68ci tank) it's pretty tired and ready to be refilled. So off to the scuba shop re-fill it and now it becomes the top off or #2 tank, and the other becomes the first fill.

SKS says:


ONE 80 cu. ft. tank WILL ONLY YIELD ONE OR TWO 3000 psi FILLS!!
They're both right.

SKS says that one 80 cu ft tank will only yield one or two 3000psi fills, but many more "fills" at 2900psi, 2800psi, 2700, etc...
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