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Operation: Emerald fire

The planet Kelva is known throughout the Terran Commonwealth for its spices, exotic woods, and unique blends of tobacco. Recent mineral surveys have given rise to a mining industry in the planetís mountain region. The problem is the feral bands of mountain men who fiercely defend their territory. Add to this the Free Kelvan Front, an anti-government group who supply weapons, equipment, and training to the mountain men. The Kelvan Planetary Guard has been decimated and the Planetary Governor has appealed to the Terran Commonwealth for assistance. The Commonwealth has sent a strike force of Terran Colonial Legion to deal with the threat. On November 1-2, 2003, forces of the Terran Colonial Legion and the Black Fang Clan will collide. Be at Triggertyme Paintball in Columbia, SC, to join in the battle.

Pre-registration cost is $35 if paid before October 18, 2003. This fee includes dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning. After the deadline,
Groups registration is $45 and does not include meals. Make checks payable to Triggertyme Paintball.

Triggertyme Paintball (field) Triggertyme Paintball (store)
429 Koon Store Road 613 Harden Street
Columbia, SC 29203 Columbia, SC
(803)786-4539 (803)748-1100
Sat-Sun 9am-5pm Mon-Fri 3pm-8pm
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