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i am all for cops and stuff. BUt my friend told me a pretty funny story. They happene to be paitnballing in my neighbor hood in a pretty nice public canyon. MY friend said he was looking for other because when u play with 4 people in such a big area. He said he saw something out of the corner of his mask and aimed his gun. Luckily he hesitated or is really good because he didn't shoot the cop who raised his hands. The cop did what all paintball friendly cops do they say that they don't mind u playing but you have to leave. So it is pretty funny but extremely lucky. I don't know what cops are supposed to do when they get guns pointed at them. But it seems pretty cool

and that story is the best ever. Because of me my neighbor wants to get a paintball gun. WHich would be cool if he went with my friend and me even though he is a good 50 years older he is the coolest 60+ guy i have ever met. and sadly in better shape than me.

but the important thing about neighbors is to piss them off in the stupidest and goodwill looking ways ever. WHich will make them wonder are u stupid or just hate me.
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