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Recocking problems..

Hey guys.. I was playing with my 4.0 today at my local field and I had a few problems. I recently purchased a Freak and was impressed with the improved performance. Unfortunately a problem ruined the better half of my day. Basically, when I fired rapidly my bolt would suddenly de-cock. But the gun did not fully uncock, only partially. Meaning the bolt would stick forward half an inch and was unable to recock by the next pull of the trigger. This happened quite frequently and I had to recock the marker every time I shot about 15 balls quickly. On one occasion the bolt seemed to move forward to get caught on a paintball that was halfway down the feed neck into the breech, pinning it before the ball could fully descend into the breech. I know this isn't the barrels fault. Is this a hopper related problem, o-rings shot, or does PSi have any influence on this?

I thought I'd ask you guys before I decided to go to my local Pro Shop. Any good reasons for this or solutions would make my day.
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