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This come from a conversation on AIM between me and Bourne. I left the questions he asked in it gets interrupted a few times...

Q: how do you adjust the trigger on an E-mag?

A: A complicated question indeed. There are 3 things to adjust. Trigger return magnets, hall sensor magnets and the trigger stop. First off, the easiest to adjust, the hall sensor. There's a screw on the front of the trigger. Use an allen wrench(I forget what size)To adjust that. Adjusting this determines at what point the hall sensor is activated.

Q: wait, what is the hall sensor?

A: Instead of a micro switch, the E-mag uses a hall sensor. It's a magnetic switch. You see the little plate behind the trigger? It's about the same level as the groove in the middle of the trigger. That's the sensor. There's a magnet in the trigger that activates it. The screw in the trigger adjusts the position of the magnet, thus adjusting when in the trigger pull the gun fires.

Q: Back to adjusting the trigger...

A: Ok, to adjust the magnets and the trigger stop you must remove the frame. Don't try and pull the sear out or you can damage the solenoid. Take the sear pin out but leave the sear in. You'll notice, right above the trigger the magnets. Set the selector switch to M and pull and hold the trigger. Take an allen wrench and touch it to the magnets. Now pull it up and the magnet's should hold onto the allen wrench. Now, fewer magnets-lighter trigger. More magnets=heavier trigger. If you want uber you can blow on it and it'll fire put a teflon on/off o-ring or an lx powertube o-ring should fit to...and put one magnet. Now that'll be a light trigger. You don't like it? takes a few seconds to fix. You can pull the trigger to try it out without putting the frame on. The trigger pull is the same no matter where the frame is.

Last part, the trigger stop. Set the selector switch to "E." Now, in the switch, the part that's inside the frame there's a screw. An allen wrench(again, I forget the size) Will adjust this screw. This is what controls the amount of travel the trigger has. You can adjust it to the point where the trigger won't move. It's best to leave it at least half a millimeter or so to make sure the hall sensor detects each pull correctly.

Q: now... what order would you do this all in?

A: Personally, I'd do the trigger stop first. I'd set it about where I wanted it. Then I'd take the sensor adjusting screw most of the way out, turn the gun on and pull the trigger. The tighten it down while holding down the trigger until the gun fires, then give it just under another 1/8 turn or so. Then make sure it detects each pull right, then set the weigh how I want.
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